Meet Jim

Though he likes to pretend he’s a political outsider, Congressman Jim Renacci entered politics back in 1999. He’s been in Washington for nearly a decade, and the Columbus Dispatch wrote that Renacci “may not have started out a career politician, but politics appears to be his career now.”

Congressman Renacci is also a certified public accountant, and used his expertise to try to avoid paying taxes on more than $13 million in income. He got caught, and was forced to pay over $1 million in back taxes and interest. The Tax Commissioner of Ohio said that Renacci and his wife “stand almost alone in their persistence” to shelter their income from taxation.

Aside from being a politician and a CPA, Congressman Renacci was also a registered lobbyist who failed to report nearly $50,000 in political contributions that he was required to disclose. Renacci’s time as a lobbyist and a member of Congress actually overlapped: he was registered as a lobbyist for more than four months while serving in Congress, and was the only lobbyist while in Congress – a distinction that earned him a coveted trophy.

Since he’s been in Congress, Congressman Renacci has focused on fighting for the causes he cares about: helping himself and his wealthy campaign donors get ahead. Read more about Congressman Renacci’s long record of working against Ohio families here.

Congressman Renacci is always willing to resort to shady measures to help himself get ahead. He has a long relationship with convicted felon Ben Suarez, who served prison time following an FBI investigation into a straw donor scheme he ran involving Renacci. Learn more about Renacci’s ties to Suarez here. Renacci also ran his own straw donor scheme while running for governor — using fellow members of Congress to move $26,700 between campaign accounts in an attempt to evade campaign finance law.

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