Another Day, Another Dangerous Renacci Plan Gets The McConnell Stamp Of Approval

October 17, 2018

COLUMBUS – For the second day in a row, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has thrown his support behind a plan Congressman Jim Renacci has been cheerleading for months. Yesterday, McConnell agreed with Congressman Renacci’s efforts to gut Ohioans’ earned benefits as a way to pay for their $1.5 trillion tax cut, and today he’s endorsed Renacci’s plan to go after the Affordable Care Act once again.

Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act ensures more than five million Ohioans are protected from being denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition and expands coverage to more than 700,000 Ohioans under the Medicaid expansion, Congressman Renacci has already voted to repeal it at least 17 times.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has once again thrown his support behind a Congressman Jim Renacci plan that would be devastating for Ohio’s families,” said Lara Sisselman, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party.“Congressman Renacci has already made his support for repealing the ACA, despite its benefits to Ohioans, a centerpiece of his flailing Senate bid. Mitch McConnell’s comments today only make it more clear to Ohioans why they can’t elect Renacci in November. Congressman Renacci can’t be trusted to look out for Ohio – he only looks out for himself.”

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