REMINDER: Congressman Jim Renacci Was For Unfair Trade Deals Before He Decided To Run For Senate

June 12, 2018

COLUMBUS — Since he decided to run for higher office, Congressman Jim Renacci has been desperate to paper over his history of supporting unfair trade deals and try to convince Ohio voters he’s worked to protect Ohio jobs. Unfortunately for Renacci, the facts keep popping up to ruin his attempts to re-brand himself.

Three years ago today, Congressman Renacci cast one of two votes for Trade Promotion Authority, which would have been devastating for Ohio workers. In 2015 alone, Ohio lost 112,500 jobs to countries that were in TPP. Here are some other important things to know about Renacci’s record on trade:

“Try as he might to rewrite his record, the facts are clear: Congressman Jim Renacci has long supported unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas and hurt Ohio’s working families,” said Lara Sisselman, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. “It’s clear that Congressman Renacci can only be trusted to look out for himself, not Ohio workers.”

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