NEW: Congressman Renacci Says Cutting Earned Benefits Is ‘The Key’

June 18, 2018

COLUMBUS — Congressman Jim Renacci is once again making clear his intentions to go after earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare to pay for the nearly $1.5 trillion in tax cuts he handed to corporations and the wealthy. This morning, Roll Call reports that Renacci is eager to vote for an extreme budget proposal that has little interest from members of the Senate or “even other House Republicans” that would include “trillions of dollars in cuts over a decade to social programs.”

Renacci told Roll Call about his support for the proposal, “You’ve got to start looking at mandatory programs, and I think that’s the key.” This echos comments Renacci made to the Dayton Daily News in January:

He voted for the $1.5 trillion Republican tax cut and says Congress now needs to cut spending as revenues decline.

“So I am a big believer that we are going to have to look at all spending, we’re going to have to look at Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security,” Renacci said.

“Congressman Jim Renacci continues to advocate for gutting critical programs that millions of Ohioans rely on, all to balance out the nearly $1.5 trillion tax break he gave to big corporations, Wall Street investors, and the wealthiest one percent,” said Lara Sisselman, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. “That kind of callous disregard for Ohio’s most vulnerable, all to reward the wealthy donors who fund his campaign, is yet another example of Congressman Renacci’s long history of only looking out for himself.”

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