Countdown To Election Day: Congressman Renacci’s Bad Blood With Mike DeWine

October 18, 2018

Countdown to Election Day

As the clock winds down to Election Day, we’re taking a look back at the lowlights of Congressman Jim Renacci’s Senate bid – a campaign that’s been defined by embarrassing stories, despicable lows, and complaints from Republicans that he never “even picked up the towel.”

Today, we’re taking a look back at the bad blood still lingering between Congressman Renacci and his party’s gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine. With less than three weeks left in the campaign, there’s still been a shocking lack of unity between the two.

Continue following along over the next 19 days as we count down to the end of Congressman Renacci’s pathetic political career.

Back in June, reported on the animosity remaining between Congressman Jim Renacci and Mike DeWine in the wake of Renacci’s failed gubernatorial bid. Just days after the report, Congressman Renacci was the only member of the statewide Republican ticket not to attend the ice cream social DeWine hosted at his home.

It’s understandable that Renacci opted to not attend, since he once called DeWine “Jeb Bush on Xanax,” “the epitome of a career politician,” and a “Columbus fat cat.”

Read more from’s report on the bad blood between the two ticketmates, which seems to remain with just days left until Election Day:

Back when he was running against DeWine for governor in the contentious Republican primary, Renacci, who has served in Congress since 2011, emphasized the past business career that made him a millionaire, while lambasting DeWine’s decades-long tenure in public office. A still-active website Renacci launched in November,, refers to DeWine as “the epitome of a career politician” who “is only looking out for his next election.”

…Shortly after he switched races in January, Renacci said in an interview with that he stood by his criticisms of DeWine, and declined to endorse him for governor. Around the same time, Renacci issued a statement distancing himself from an endorsement that his former running-mate, Cincinnnati Councilwoman Amy Murray, made of DeWine.

“I’m not really looking [to smooth it over with DeWine],” Renacci told in January.

…In an email Tuesday, a Renacci campaign spokeswoman did not answer directly when asked if or how Renacci’s views had changed since January.

…One Ohio Republican operative said Renacci’s words – and his ongoing focus on the “career politician” line – probably anger DeWine’s allies, but won’t affect DeWine’s plans.

…As of Monday, all of Renacci’s old anti-DeWine attacks on social media were still visible, although most of them were deleted after reached out to the Renacci campaign for this story. In June, Renacci referred to DeWine and his other “Columbus insider” Republican opponents as playing a game of “political musical chairs.”

In September, Renacci shared a video his campaign produced calling DeWine and the other Republican governor candidates “Columbus fat-cats.”

In November, after Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted dropped out of the race to become DeWine’s running-mate, Renacci posted a web video calling DeWine and Husted “career politicians” who offer “nothing but the status quo.”

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