Countdown To Election Day: Congressman Renacci’s Habit Of Skipping Votes

October 23, 2018

Countdown to Election Day

As the clock winds down to Election Day, we’re taking a look back at the lowlights of Congressman Jim Renacci’s Senate bid – a campaign that’s been defined by embarrassing stories, despicable lows, and complaints from Republicans that Renacci never “even picked up the towel.”

Today, we’re taking a look at Congressman Renacci’s penchant for missing votes. In 2017, he missed more votes than any member of Ohio’s congressional delegation – instead choosing to pursue his failed gubernatorial campaign.

Continue following along over the next two weeks as we count down to the end of Congressman Renacci’s pathetic political career.

Earlier this year, reported that Congressman Jim Renacci missed the most votes of any member of Ohio’s Congressional delegation last year, opting to campaign (unsuccessfully) for governor. Congressman Renacci has tried to explain away his record of skipping out on his day job, but the fact remains that he chose to attend political events in Ohio instead of taking critical votes in Washington. Some of the votes Renacci missed while running for Governor are:

And though Congressman Renacci switched to the Senate race in January, his habit of skipping votes has continued.

Last month, Congressman Renacci continued his absentee streak when he opted to spend his time flying around on a strip club owner’s private plane rather than do his job and show up for several votes. He even played hooky from the Ways and Means Committee’s markup of the “Tax Reform 2.0” bill he loves to tout on cable news.

It’s increasingly difficult for Congressman Renacci to tell voters he deserves a promotion when he can’t even be bothered to show up for the job he currently has.

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