Countdown To Election Day: The Lie At The Center of Congressman Renacci’s Campaign

October 28, 2018

Countdown to Election Day

As the clock winds down to Election Day, we’re taking a look back at the lowlights of Congressman Jim Renacci’s Senate bid – a campaign that’s been defined by embarrassing stories, despicable lows, and complaints from Republicans that Renacci never “even picked up the towel.”

Today we’re taking a look at the lie at the center of Congressman Renacci’s campaign – the timing of his support of President Trump.

We’re heading down the homestretch to Election Day, so be sure to continue following along over the next nine days as we count down to the end of Congressman Renacci’s pathetic political career.

Buzzfeed: Donald Trump, A Senate Candidate, And The Case Of The Phantom Endorsement

Henry Gomez - August 28, 2018

Key Points:

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