Jim Renacci’s Political Games Send Ohio Premiums Skyrocketing

A new report from the Urban Institute shows marketplace premiums for 40-year-old Ohioans to rise by 17% next year

May 22, 2018

COLUMBUS — Congressman Jim Renacci’s reckless attempts to sabotage our healthcare system are having real consequences for hardworking Ohio families. A new study from the Urban Institute and Center for American Progress shows that marketplace premiums for a 40-year-0ld in Ohio will increase by a 17% or $800 next year due to Congressman Renacci and his fellow Republicans’ efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act.

“To pay for tax cuts for corporations and the super wealthy, Congressman Jim Renacci has sabotaged our healthcare system and forced Ohioans to choose between higher costs or junk insurance,” said Lara Sisselman, spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party. “The Congressman’s priorities are clear, his life and time in Congress is spent looking out for himself.”

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