A Timeline Of Congressman Jim Renacci and Ben Suarez’s Long Relationship: March 29, 2011

August 16, 2018

In the weeks since the Associated Press first reported on convicted felon Ben Suarez’s new “retribution campaign” boosting Congressman Jim Renacci’s Senate bid, a number of previously unreported details about Renacci and Suarez’s relationship have come to light. There’s a lot to keep track of in this unsavory duo’s long history together, so today, we’re launching a timeline of key dates in this shady saga – from the $100,000 in illegal campaign contributions that Renacci received, to the federal investigation into those contributions, to the conviction that landed Suarez in prison.

Suarez Timeline Part 2

Today, we’re looking at March 29, 2011, the day Congressman Renacci wrote a letter to Governor John Kasich on Suarez’s behalf. As Cleveland.com recently reported, court documents from Suarez’s trial show Renacci and Suarez exchanged phone calls “at key times leading up to Suarez’s indictment,” and there was “a call on the day before Renacci wrote the letter to Kasich.”

Cleveland.com previously reported that “Rep. Jim Renacci urged Ohio Gov. John Kasich to intervene in California dispute for indicted campaign donor”:

“The Wadsworth Republican’s letter urged Kasich to contact California Gov. Jerry Brown to intervene in a legal dispute that Suarez, a North Canton direct marketing company, was having in California.”

Renacci's Letter on Suarez's Behalf to Gov. Kasich

Be sure to follow along in the coming days for more on Congressman Renacci’s shady record.

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