Meet the Team!

Renacci's Private Pilot

Congressman Renacci has been traveling across Ohio in a private plane flown by Don Ksiezyk, a man who owns two Cleveland-area strip clubs, the Peek-A-Boo club and the Bug-A-Boo club. The Columbus Dispatch reported that Ksiezyk “has flown Republican Senate nominee Jim Renacci to more than a dozen campaign events since July.” Renacci enjoys flying with Ksiezyk so much that he even chose to travel in his plane instead of take votes on the House floor.

Ben Suarez

Congressman Jim Renacci has a long relationship with convicted felon Ben Suarez. Back in 2011, Renacci received $100,000 through a straw donor scheme run by Suarez, which led to an FBI investigation and multiple felony convictions that sent Suarez and a top associate to prison. The two exchanged more than 40 calls from November 2010 and May 2012, during the straw donor scheme and subsequent fallout. The calls “intensified in length and frequency at key times leading up to Suarez’s indictment.”

Recently, Ben Suarez announced he was launching a “retribution campaign” benefiting Renacci’s Senate campaign, including running ads “statewide on TV, newspapers, on radio and online.” Congressman Renacci has been stunningly silent on his former associate, refusing to condemn him or his retaliation campaign.

Mitch McConnell

If elected to the Senate, Congressman Jim Renacci would be a loyal ally for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. In June, Congressman Renacci benefited from a fundraiser in Washington with McConnell and a group of eight other Republican Senators who have served in Washington for a combined 162 years.

The Koch Brothers

Congressman Jim Renacci would be a reliable vote for the Koch Brothers’ agenda in the Senate. After Congressman Renacci voted against a bipartisan budget deal that included billions of dollars for critical Ohio priorities, the Koch Brothers rewarded him with an ad campaign thanking him for his vote. Some of the items Renacci voted against included $3 billion in additional funding to fight the opioid epidemic, a pay raise for members of the armed services, nearly $2 billion for upgrades to Ohio’s military bases, and $300 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

It’s clear that Congressman Renacci would continue taking marching orders from the Koch Brothers in the Senate, leaving working families behind.

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